Re-discover Health and Happiness naturally with Homeopathy

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Specialising in Emotional Health, Fertility and Menopause

Restore - Balance - Flourish

Homeopathy can help naturally restore and balance your body back to optimum health in a truly holistic way, addressing physical, mental and emotional symptoms.


It is extremely effective in dealing with emotional problems such as

sadness, grief, anxiety, panic attacks and depression

as well as physical ailments, pain and discomfort.


The use of Homeopathy can be complimentary with traditional

medical treatments as it assists your body to naturally heal. 

It is safe and without the side affects typically associated with conventional drugs.

Homeopathy can aid your journey towards good health, vitality and well-being.

Re-discover your sparkle and joy of life.  



I am a registered Homeopath, wife and mother of 4 gorgeous children.  I know how incredibly hectic and tiring life can be and how circumstances and events that we experience can take their toll on our health, confidence and happiness.

I discovered the healing benefits of Homeopathy when my children were young.  A friend suggested that I could take my son to a Homeopath for recurrent tonsillitis. I did and the results were amazing and he avoided having a tonsillectomy.  After seeing the effective, gentle and permanent results, I haven't looked back and continue to use Homeopathy for all my family.  The benefits and healing we all experienced, convinced me to become a Homeopath.

My particular interests are in helping to deal with mental/emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and with women's reproductive health - fertility and menopause.

If you would like to experience Homeopathy yourself and would like a consultation then please contact me.

Carolyn x