Restore - Balance - Flourish


Are you feeling anxious, having panic attacks or just worn out ?

Are your monthly cycles and hormones out of sync and problematic?  Are you trying to

conceive or experiencing menopausal issues ?


Or are you unwell in other ways and would like to assist your body naturally,gently

and safely to achieve better health? If so I would love to help you.

An initial consultation takes about 1hour 30 mins and during this time your full case will be taken, including mental, emotional and physical complaints and timeline.  The most appropriate remedy for your specific needs will be carefully considered and prescribed, follow up appointments are recommended to ensure results. Confidential consultations are held in Weybridge, Surrey and online.


Adult: First consultation £60 (1hr 30), Follow up £30 (45 mins)

Child: First Consultation £30 (45mins), Follow up £20 

Discounts available for family bookings

Remedies included